2024 Social Media Calendar

for Coaches

Successful online entrepreneurs have long understood the power of social media content. It’s not just just about posting consistently; it’s about connecting, engaging and inspiring.

But here’s the big question: What content ideas, hooks and CTAs are proven to work (and potentially go viral!) in 2024? That’s exactly why we created our 2024 Social Media Calendar for Coaches. Our toolkit is powered by over a year of deep dives into 1,000+ viral content ideas. Say goodbye to weeks of tedious research, development, and design. You’re skipping straight past square one – your shortcut to content success! ✨

???? Grab a year’s worth of marketing tasks and content prompts. No overthinking – your marketing game is ready to roll! ????️????

What’s Included?

365 Content Prompts

???? Our pre-written suggestions are your ticket to crafting meaningful, engaging posts for your audience. From thought-provoking questions to attention-grabbing statements, we’ve got your content game covered.

Wave goodbye to the content creation guesswork! ⏰ Our prompts save you time and the hassle of brainstorming. No more starting from scratch – trust our prompts to keep the quality content flowing consistently. Let’s turn your ideas into audience gold! ✨????

150 Viral Video & Caption Hooks

Grab their attention, fast! Our Video and Caption Hooks are like magnets for eyes and ears. In just a few seconds, hook your audience and reel them in. Remember, in the blink-and-you-miss-it world of social media, those first few seconds are golden. Make them count with hooks that turn scrollers into followers! ????????

93 Powerful & Non-Salesy Calls to action

Calls to Action (CTAs) are your secret weapon- these are like gentle nudges that spark immediate responses, paving the way for more engagement and conversions.

Our handpicked set of 93 high-converting, non-salesy CTAs were crafted to perfectly complement your calendars and hooks, these CTAs effortlessly invite your audience to engage and buy – no hard sells here!

Would this work for any niche?

All the content ideas, viral video hooks, and CTAs have been created in a niche-neutral way.

If something doesn’t quite fit your audience, just tweak it a bit. It’s all about making it your own without the heavy lifting from scratch. Save time, energy, and let your creativity flow with just a few personalized strokes! ✍️????