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About Rowena and Jon

A very personal read.

I’m on a mission to co-labor with God in my entrepreneurial journey and to build a business without burning out in the process…

When our daughter turned two in 2021, I launched my SEO agency and I became so exhausted that I decided to take a sabbatical for the entire second half of 2022.

It was the best decision I could have made because I knew I was turning my business into an idol. I sought out Christian mentors (Heather and Susan) who are greatly helping me not only fix my business but also transform my life as a whole.

(Sidenote: I won’t go into detail about healing soul wounds, but I’m sure my fellow Christian entrepreneurs can relate! We begin our entrepreneurial journey with no idea what we’re getting ourselves into; we have no idea that healing soul wounds will be a big part of it!)

During my sabbatical, I learned more about the possibilities of working from REST. I know in my heart that partnering with God in this entrepreneurial journey is the only way to succeed.

Something significant happened around the third month of my sabbatical. I realized that all of the digital marketing skills I’ve been learning over the years (specifically, SEO, content, and blogging) will pave the way for my husband and I to do business together while he continues to work full-time.

I really believed that building an SEO agency was God’s calling for me in business. I had no idea that this business model is very stressful for mothers of young children.

While I will still do SEO and content marketing consulting (very limited clients per month),  this website has now evolved into a collaborative project where my husband, Jon and I will blog about:

  • Starting an online business as a couple
  • Co-laboring with God (Jesus is the owner; Jon and I are the CEOs!) and working from REST
  • Side hustles and building a business while working full time
  • Scaling without burnout 
  • And business without the hustle (despite the fact that this blog is about side hustles :-))

Matthew 6:33-34

33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Rowena Bolo


Hi! My name is Jon. I’m a technology professional and I’ve been working in IT for 20+ years. I’m mainly a developer, and from time to time I also take up other duties such as technical/team lead and trainer.

I’ve worked in the corporate setting as well as in government R&D, with non-profit organizations and tech firms big and small, serving clients in banking, manufacturing, telecoms, digital security, incentives and education.

My projects range from web, mobile and desktop apps to e-commerce websites, SMS gateways, device drivers, and embedded systems!

Nowadays, I use Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, SQL Server and Visual Studio) to build web apps and WordPress for simple websites, but in the past I’ve also used other languages such as C, C++ and Java.

The breadth of my work has brought me to Australia, China, France, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore.

Outside of my main job, I’ve been working on jonbolo.com and exploring how it could benefit others in the developer community. Throughout my journey, I’ve learned a lot from other developers through their personal blogs and now I’d also like to help others in the same way.

I started jonbolo.com not too long ago as a simple collection of how-to’s and lists of useful tools and tech. Today, we’re growing this modest blog into a resource where fellow devs can find ideas and advice. We hope to make life better for developers through the sharing of knowledge, tools and experience.

Jon Bolo


33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

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