Vlog vs Blog: Which is Right for Your Personal Brand?

Vlogs and blogs are two popular forms of content that can help you reach a larger audience these days.

But, between a vlog vs a blog, which is more effective in 2023?

What benefits do each offer when it comes to growing your personal brand?

Let’s compare the two platforms and discuss their advantages and disadvantages so you can decide which one is best for you as a creator or entrepreneur.

What is a Vlog?

Vlogging is a type of video blog that typically features the vlogger talking directly to the camera about their thoughts and experiences.

It can be used to document everyday life, share opinions on topics, or even provide tutorials and advice.

Vlogs are becoming increasingly popular as more people turn to online content for entertainment and education.

The main difference between a vlog and other types of videos is that it’s usually done in one take with no editing involved.

This makes it easier for viewers to connect with the vlogger since they feel like they’re having an intimate conversation with them.

Can you vlog even if you’re an introvert?

Although I don’t exactly vlog yet, I’ve inserted here a snippet of my Facebook group welcome video which was also posted on my Instagram story highlight.

I wanted to prove that yes, even introverts (me!) can put ourselves out there – as long as we honor our introverted energy so that it doesn’t drain us too much!

(I’m still practicing but I’m absolutely planning to take vlogging seriously soon!)

“I get it – you feel like you are not honoring your introverted energy when putting yourself out there!  And that you’ve been trying to do extrovert marketing approaches when you’re naturally a quiet achiever, used to working behind the scenes…

This is the very thing that I struggled with the most when I first came into the online marketing world back in 2012 (yes 10 yrs ago!).”

Vloggers also tend to have a unique style of speaking which adds personality and charm to their videos

When creating a vlog, there are several things you should consider such as:

1. Length

Considering the desired outcome, one could opt for short segments (1-3 mins) or extended episodes (10+ minutes).

2. Topic and format

One can opt for a variety of formats, from interviews and Q&A sessions to monologues where one addresses the camera about their musings and experiences related to a specific theme.

3. Lighting/audio quality etc.

Lighting is also key; natural light works best but if necessary you can purchase additional lights for indoor shoots too.

It’s important that your audio quality is good so make sure you invest in some decent equipment if possible – this will help ensure viewers don’t get distracted by background noise or poor sound levels when watching your videos.

With AI technology becoming increasingly sophisticated it won’t be long before we see automated systems producing high quality content faster than ever before, allowing entrepreneurs to scale without sacrificing quality along the way.

Now, let’s explore even more benefits of vlogging.

Key Thought: Vlogging is a great way to engage with viewers through visual storytelling, creating meaningful relationships and saving time compared to writing lengthy blog posts. With AI technology becoming increasingly sophisticated it won’t be long before we see automated systems producing high quality content faster than ever before, allowing entrepreneurs to scale without sacrificing quality along the way.

Benefits of Vlogging

1. Increased Audience Engagement and Connection

Vlogging allows you to reach a wider audience than blogging alone because it’s more engaging and entertaining for viewers.

Vlogging gives you the opportunity to show off your personality and create an emotional connection with your viewers that isn’t possible with just words on a page.

2. Increased Visibility on Social Media and Brand Authority

With most social media sites now prioritizing video content over text-based posts when deciding which pieces should be featured higher up in users’ feeds (i.e., YouTube vs Facebook), having a presence with vlogs can be an invaluable asset to your business.

Investing time into creating quality vlogs could give you a leg up over the competition who hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, thereby increasing visibility and potentially drawing in new followers and customers.

Vlogging can also be a cost-effective way for those wishing to create video content without spending too much – no high-end equipment is needed to begin making video content; all you require is a camera (or just your mobile phone) and some fundamental editing software.

3. Builds Trust Between Businesses and Their Customers

Vlogs are excellent for increasing trust between businesses and their customers by providing insight into what happens behind the scenes at companies or allowing customers to “meet” company employees through video interviews/introductions, etc.

Vlogs are also excellent customer service tools; if someone has questions about how something works or needs assistance troubleshooting something related to your product/service offering, having quick tutorial videos available on demand could be extremely beneficial.

Vlogging provides an avenue for fostering relationships with viewers, making it a critical asset for content producers.

Despite the fact that vlogging has numerous benefits, it can be scary, especially for those who are just getting started.

Thus, blogging offers an alternative for vlogging.

Let’s now explore what blogging can offer.

Key Thought

Vlogging provides entrepreneurs with an effective platform to reach their target audience, build trust and promote their offerings. It offers an accessible platform that allows content creators to reach wider audiences than blogging alone while providing helpful tutorials that can’t be found elsewhere online – making it invaluable in today’s competitive market.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online platform that allows individuals to share their thoughts and opinions in written form.

A blog can serve as a reflection of the writer’s persona or identity, giving them a platform for connecting with and communicating to their readers about topics they are passionate about.

Here at Blog Growth Collective, we are passionate about empowering introverted founders to lead their very own Content team by helping them to simplify their blogging system and to grow their sites quickly and sustainably!

Also, blogging allows authors a chance to demonstrate their subject-matter expertise while establishing credibility; when done well, this may eventually lead to more chances, such as speaking engagements or consulting jobs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be boosted by having regular blog updates with relevant keywords, which will help your website appear higher up in search engine results pages (SERPs).

In light of recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) software, using an AI writer like Content at Scale can help you expand your blogging-based business by freeing up your time so you can concentrate on other crucial business operations.

This is what our clients have seen from working with us. They have us write 2,000 to 3,000 word articles and in one month, they climb the ranks for a bunch of their targeted keyword terms.

Not only are we driving traffic to their sites through this content, but we’re simultaneously building up their authority and engagement.

In 2023, we expect that more companies will experiment with using artificial intelligence and automation to create their long form blog posts.

Key Thought

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be boosted by having regular blog updates with relevant keywords, which will help your website appear higher up in search engine results pages (SERPs). In light of recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) software, using an AI writer like Content at Scale can help you expand your blogging-based business by freeing up your time so you can concentrate on other crucial business operations.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is a powerful content marketing tool that can help entrepreneurs and founders scale their businesses without burning out.

It allows them to share detailed information in an easily accessible format, helping them reach more potential customers while boosting their SEO rankings.

By blogging, entrepreneurs and founders can benefit from increased visibility, enhanced SEO rankings, and an efficient way to communicate detailed information to potential customers.

1. Increased Visibility

Blogging helps increase your visibility online by providing valuable content for people to find when searching for topics related to your business or industry.

With quality blog posts, you can attract more visitors to your website which will lead to increased sales and revenue.

Also, blogging allows you to demonstrate your expertise in a specific field or subject matter, increasing your credibility as an expert on that subject.

2. Improved SEO Rankings

Search engines love fresh content so having regularly updated blog posts is essential if you want higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

By including keywords throughout your post and optimizing it with titles and meta descriptions, you’ll be able to rank higher for those terms over time.

This will result in more organic traffic coming from search engines like Google and Bing – leading directly back to your website.

3. Builds Brand Awareness & Credibility

Having high-quality blog posts that provide value helps build trust between you and potential customers.

When readers recognize the trustworthiness of your words on a certain matter, they are more likely to come back in the future and possibly make purchases.

Plus, it also provides an easy way for others within the same industry or niche market as yourself to link back up with relevant articles – giving even greater exposure through cross-promotion opportunities.

Blogging offers a wide range of benefits for entrepreneurs and content creators, from increased reach to more opportunities for monetization.

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of vlogging versus blogging is essential to deciding which would serve your business goals the best.

Key Thought: Blogging is a great way to boost visibility and SEO rankings while building brand awareness, credibility, and trust with potential customers. Blogging is an ideal solution for business owners aiming to grow their venture without overworking themselves. Put simply, blogging can help you get ahead of the competition.

Factors To Consider When Deciding Between Vlogging & Blogging

Deciding which one is right for you requires considering some important factors, whether vlogging or blogging.

1. Time

If you’re short on time, then blogging may be the better option since creating blog posts usually takes less time than recording videos.

Blogging might be the wiser selection if you have limited hours especially now that AI SEO tools can be used to speed up the content creation process even more!

In 2023 and beyond, human-only SEO content creation is actually now more costly and less efficient.

2. Content Type

Vlogs typically focus on visual elements like demonstrations or tutorials while blogs often include text-based content such as articles or reviews.

Some creators focus on topics like lifestyle, fashion, travel or fitness; while others might document their day-to-day lives or share tips and tutorials about specific topics.

The editing process can vary greatly depending on the level of sophistication desired by the creator – some just upload straight away while others may spend hours perfecting their edits with effects like transitions between shots and color grading techniques.

Think about what type of content would best suit your goals and interests before making a decision between vlogging and blogging.

If you have a visually-oriented audience then vlogging may be more successful than blogging alone; however if your goal is SEO optimization then creating well written blog posts could yield better results.

The good news is, if creating videos isn’t something you’re comfortable doing at first, then focus on writing great blog posts instead!

Take inspiration from our mentors, Julia McCoy and Adam Enfroy, who began their careers solely as bloggers before experimenting with including a vlog component to expand their reach and provide more value for their existing audiences.

This demonstrates that blogging boosts your confidence because the majority of successful content creators today used blogging as their initial platform before gaining the courage to express themselves further through videos.

3. Equipment Accessibility

Finally, consider whether or not you have access to the necessary equipment required for recording high quality videos; cameras are essential for successful vloggers so make sure that investing in one won’t break the bank.

Both types of content creation have advantages that can help with creating an online personal brand. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

However, don’t forget that having both types of content is always an option too.

When choosing between vlogging and blogging, it is essential to consider elements such as the standard of material, how well viewers respond, and cost.

When deciding between vlogging and blogging for content creation, it comes down to time constraints, target audience size, type of content desired, as well as access to equipment.

The choice is yours – both options offer unique benefits that can help build your brand online so go with whatever works best for you.

How Do Vlogs and Blogs Work Together?

Vlogs and blogs can operate together as part of a content marketing plan to connect with various audiences and share useful content about your company or product.

This way you’ll be able to target both those who prefer reading over watching videos as well as those who would rather watch than read long articles.

The benefits of using vlogs and blogs together don’t stop there though – they also help increase engagement levels among viewers/readers by giving them multiple options when it comes to consuming your content.

By providing both vlogs and blogs, your website or social media channels will give viewers/readers more opportunities to interact with your content, whether through comments, shares, or other forms of interaction.

Another fantastic advantage of combining these two types of content is that it allows entrepreneurs to easily repurpose existing material into something new without having to spend extra time creating new ideas every day, saving them valuable resources in terms of money and energy.

By understanding the advantages and limitations of both vlogs and blogs, you can effectively use them together to reach a wider audience and increase engagement.

Key Thought: Vlogs and blogs, when used together in a content marketing strategy, can help entrepreneurs save time and resources while also increasing engagement levels among viewers/readers by providing them with multiple options for consuming their content.

Bloggers with Vlogs

Bloggers with vlogs are becoming increasingly popular in the content creation world.

Many bloggers have found success by adding vlogging to their repertoire, as it can help expand their reach and give viewers a more personal look into their lives.

Here are some of our favorite content creators (who happen to be our mentors too!) who have flourished through both blogging and vlogging:

  1. Julia McCoy
vlog vs blog

Hi, I’m Julia McCoy.

I help creative entrepreneurs get their online content strategy, skills & systems down for massive revenue.

At the age of 19, I dropped out of college to follow my passion and start a writing agency out of my last $75.

I put incredible sweat and hard work into my dream, and grew my business to over $5M in sales and nearly 90 team members on staff. I’ve gone on to launch seven brands in total.

(Two of which completely failed. You learn from failure, too.)

I did not get to my success by accident.

I built my successful businesses 100% through value-focused, reader-first content. I put into place great content marketing, and it drove my entire customer base to me – to the tune of $250,000 months, at the height of my agency.

Now, I’m VP of Marketing at one of the fastest-growing AI writing tools in the space – Content at Scale.

2. Adam Enfroy

vlog vs blog

My name is Adam Enfroy and this is my blog.

I started this blog as a side project back in 2019 and it quickly became one of the fastest-growing blogging businesses ever created. This blog made over $1 million in under two years with zero dollars spent on advertising.

EntrepreneurBusiness Insider, and even Forbes took notice.

I now teach my 500,000 monthly readers and 70,000+ blogging students how to start profitable blogs (subscribe to my new YouTube channel).

AdamEnfroy.com is also one of the world’s top software review sites, specializing in acquiring targeted traffic for the world’s largest software companies. With an 8-year career in digital marketing, my team and I have used every software tool under the sun. From managing teams to being a Digital Marketing Director, I am one of the top personal brands in the software world today.

3. Ryan Stewart

vlog vs blog

As a Fractional CMO, I specialize in helping my clients build out cross channel acquisition systems using a mix of owned, earned and paid tactics. Over the last 13 years I’ve worked with companies like Target, Jeeter and Shopify to implement performance marketing campaigns.

I currently own and operate 3 businesses:

-> Ryan Stewart Consulting: We help clients execute customer acquisition systems using cross-channel digital strategies.

-> WEBRIS: an SEO agency that helps Attorneys get more clients from Google search using our fast, effective Sprint Methodology.

-> The Blueprint Training: we help SEO agencies scale past $100k by “productizing” their service (aka the SEO Sprint Methodology).

Personally, I live in Miami with my amazing wife (Pamela) and sausage dog. Pamela and I are also in the process of building up our own real estate portfolio of short term rental (STR) properties.

Definitely check out out their Youtube channels – their distinct storytelling styles demonstrate how effective vlogging can be in growing one’s personal brand.

If you’re thinking about starting up your own vlogging journey then definitely take inspiration from them!

Key Thought: Vlogging is becoming increasingly popular among content creators, and Julia McCoy, Adam Enfroy and Ryan Stewart are three bloggers who have found success with it. They have found success by incorporating vlogging into their repertoire, as it allows them to broaden their reach and provide viewers with a more personal look into their lives. Their distinct storytelling styles demonstrate how effective vlogging can be in growing one’s personal brand.

My Personal Experience as an Introverted Founder

As a non-native speaker, I can tell you that doing videos is extra challenging for me!

I did publish this video on my consulting site and it took me a whole day to shoot this 10-minute video.

I then hired a video editor freelancer to make simple edits before I finally published it on Youtube (that is now embedded on my SEO consulting sales page).

When it comes to short-form videos, I did try doing reels for quite some time but I can tell you now that as an introvert, blogging has been my main choice of content marketing platform.

vlog vs blog

I’m pretty sure my fellow introverted founders can definitely resonate 😉

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share even more posts about how I’m growing my brand mainly through blogging with Content at Scale’s help, and under the mentoring of Julia McCoy inside her Content Transformation System program, so please stay tuned!

FAQs in Relation to Vlog vs Blog

Is it better to blog or vlog?

It depends on the goals of the start up entrepreneur. Blogging and vlogging can both be advantageous to entrepreneurs, depending on their goals; hence, it is prudent to consider which approach best fits one’s needs before making a choice. Ultimately, both blogging and vlogging are effective ways for entrepreneurs to scale without burnout when coupled with AI-powered content marketing strategies.

What is a vlog vs blog 2023?

A vlog (video blog) is a type of online content that consists of video recordings, often with accompanying text and images. Blogging, on the other hand, is primarily written content such as articles or opinion pieces. While blogs can include videos and audio clips alongside written posts, they are generally not considered vlogs since the primary focus is still textual in nature. Vlogs and blogs can be utilized to make captivating content for various viewers, yet the essential contrast lies in the structure.

It is difficult to definitively say which form of content marketing – vlogs or blogs – is more popular. While the popularity of each varies depending on the industry and target audience, recent trends suggest that vlogging has become increasingly popular among content creators. Vlogs offer an engaging way for viewers to connect with a brand or individual in real time, providing an interactive experience not available through traditional blog posts. The ease of vlogging and its extensive reach on social media platforms like YouTube have also made it a more popular choice than blogging.

Are blogs or vlogs more profitable?

It is difficult to definitively answer which type of content marketing, blogs or vlogs, are more profitable as it depends on the individual’s audience and goals. However, in general terms both can be effective when used strategically with an understanding of your target market and their preferences. For example, if you have a visually-oriented audience then vlogging may be more successful than blogging alone; however if your goal is SEO optimization then creating well written blog posts could yield better results.

Can vlogs and blogs work together?

By using both platforms together, you can target different types of audiences in different ways: blog posts provide detailed information while videos allow people to quickly absorb key points through visuals or sound bites. You can also repurpose existing blog posts into videos, making them easier for people to consume in less time while still providing valuable information they won’t find anywhere else online.


Vlogging and blogging are two great ways to create content for your business.

Weighing the good and bad points of each is essential when figuring out which one will suit you best

Vlogs provide a more personal touch while blogs allow readers to dive deeper into topics with detailed information.

Vlogging and blogging can be joined to amplify their effect when it comes to connecting with your intended audience.

This approach offers both engagement from viewers watching your videos plus SEO benefits from well-crafted blog posts which may help improve website rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

In the end, what is most beneficial for your business should be taken into account.

Remember that nowadays, you can take control of your content marketing strategy and scale without burnout by utilizing AI-powered tools to create engaging vlogs and blogs.


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